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21.10.2020 Introduction of new restrictions provokes a decline in consumer demand
Against the background of the introduction of new restrictions, the Russians, as in the spring, are again going into a consumer "hibernation", Sberbank said. More
21.10.2020 Businessmen asked Putin not to introduce a new quarantine in Russia
At the RSPP congress on October 21, members of the the Union's Board asked President Vladimir Putin not to introduce a new quarantine in Russia despite the growing number of COVID-19 cases. More
19.10.2020 New restrictions due to coronavirus are introduced in Moscow region
According to resolution of the governor of the region Andrey Vorobyev from 19.10.2020 № 463-ПГ, since October 21 in Moscow region a ban on mass sport events is again introduced, work of some cultural institutions is limited.
15.10.2020 Sobyanin has changed the rules for submitting data on employees working remotely
Moscow enterprises must immediately inform about changes in the composition of employees working remotely. At the same time, employers may not submit reports on a weekly basis. Enterprises in Moscow are obliged to report about the new employees working remotely on the same day a respective decision is made. This follows from a Decree of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin published on October 15, 2020. More
15.10.2020 Entertainment facilities in Moscow will introduce a system of check-in to combat COVID-19
Starting from October 19, access of employees and visitors to discos, night clubs, bars and other entertainment facilities opened from 0 a.m. to 6 a.m. is possible only with registration of telephone numbers. This was announced by Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in his blogMore
14.10.2020 The second coronavirus vaccine was registered in Russia
Center "Vector" registered the second Russian coronavirus vaccine "EpiVacCorona", as President Vladimir Putin reported on October 14. According to him, the third vaccine is already "on the way".  More
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