KBS International S.A.


KBS International serves as a partner for various organizations providing them with undisputable quality services focused primarily in dimensions of human capital as Amrop, and organizational consulting as Humtech. Main expertise areas of Amrop are Executive Search, Board Consulting and Human Capital Performance. Amrop provides the clients with the best solutions to attract and grow the leaders who are capable of executing tasks that do not exist yet.Amrop also delivers the best practices in management of key employees and Human Resources function, fr om the design of the HR strategy to its implementation. Organizational consulting expertise is centered within Humtech. Humtech acts as a partner for the clients in their organizational transformation projects using comprehensive on-line and off-line tools, wh ere among other things HumTech helps its clients to build organization systems through appropriate Organizational Structure; to ensure the cascading of the company strategy through Role Accuracy, and balance of Accountabilities and Authorities; Humtech also provides training the company to develop and sustain Leadership Practices that help managers become more effective leaders and to use their full potential.

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