• 117198, Москва, Ленинский проспект 113/1, офис Е 1003
  • www.specta.com
  • +7 (495) 956 54 21
  • +7 (495) 956 54 21
  • pr@specta.com

Specta is the largest PET and steel strap producer in Eastern Europe. Our clients include over 2 500 leading global metals, pipe, woodworking and construction materials companies, whose daily business is dependent on transportation of large and heavy cargo by trucks, by railways or by ships. We produce our strap according to international standards in Europe’s most modern factory in Kostroma, Russia, with over 27 years of experience. We always deliver our customers the most optimal strap according to their specific needs. We carry out comprehensive laboratory and field testing procedures at all stages from raw material handling to strap production and delivery to the client. We are also independent of strapping tools providers, and therefore we can offer the optimal strap for both automatic and manual strapping. Besides strap, we provide our clients the necessary strapping tools and machines, in addition to all strapping accessories and services. Production We produce our PET and steel strap in the most modern European production lines in Kostroma. The guarantee of Specta quality is strict quality control from our factory to our client. Our logistics chain covers all Europe.

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