NAWINIA is a company with over 20 years of experience in transport logistics. The company has offices in Russia, China, Germany and Azerbaijan. Also NAWINIA has an extensive network of warehouses around the world. At the moment, the company employs over 200 employees. In organizing transportation, NAWINIA uses all types of transport: sea, railway, air, automobile. The company transports such cargo as FMCG, clothing, live cargo, as well as road construction equipment, components for factories. Competent company management and attention to advanced IT developments allowed NAWINIA to ensure a turnover of more than a million orders per year and attract large international clients, including IKEA, Leroy Merlin, OBI, Toyota and Wildberries. Another strong point of NAWINIA is project transportation. Among the clients are KOMATSU, Rosatom, Schneider Electric and others. The company implements the most complex chains for the delivery of fragile, large-sized and expensive equipment. The company's expertise covers all logistics services: engineering, route development and documentation, customs clearance, digital tracking and insurance. NAWINIA has many awards and certificates that confirm the full compliance of the company's services with international requirements. The company is a member of associations WCA, EAA, XLP, ACEX, PLA, RAWI, an agent of IATA and FIATA,

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