Business Psychologists Ltd. (CEB SHL Russia&CIS)

  • 105082, город Москва, Спартаковский переулок, дом 2, строение 1, этаж 3, н.п.36.
  • +7(495) 646-75-16
  • 7 495 488 80 94

Business Psychologists Ltd. represents in the Russian Federation and CIS countries a leading brand of international HR market - CEB SHL Talent Measurement Solutions. Over 20 years, SHL Russia has helped 700+ clients to make better decisions and improve employees’ performance by implementing research based tools and technologies of competency assessment and development. The main SHL services include personnel assessment and development, HR consulting focused on talent and performance management and HR technologies' trainings. SHL solutions help maximise business performance and deliver real return on HR investment.

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