Retail Trade Committee

Position Paper 2019


Alexey Grigoriev METRO AG Representative office


Saida Makhmudova

Upcoming events

07.11.2019 09:00 AEB Retail Trade Committee meeting | AEB Conference room 2
11.12.2019 09:00 AEB Retail Trade Committee meeting | AEB Conference room 2

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  • To provide support to AEB member-companies operating in Russian trade.

  • To serve as a dialogue platform for member-companies and other stakeholders on appropriate topics.

  • To develop common industry stand on selected issues.

  • To lobby industry interests towards various stakeholders.

  • To keep member-companies informed about relevant issues.
Action Plan
  • Arrange for regular communication among member-companies in Committee meetings and beyond.

  • Discuss and define industry stand on defined priority issues like:
    • -Law about trade
    • -Dialogue with suppliers
    • -Taxation (including VAT on bonuses, inventory losses)
    • -Cadastral value
    • -Limitations on real estate transactions
    • -Alcohol trade regulation
    • -E-commerce
    • -Personal data protection
    • -Electronic data exchange
    • -Double certification in regions
    • -Import bans
    • -Non-cash payment transactions
    • -Sanctions

  • Raise the industry’s voice in and with other AEB Committees.

  • Arrange for meetings with Government representatives and experts.

  • Communicate industry interests via appropriate channels.
Committee news
RTC meeting with Nikita Kuznetsov, Minpromtorg
Health and Safety regulation in Russia: experience of European companies
AEB meeting with Nikita Kuznetsov, Head of the Department of Internal Trade Development, Digital Labeling of Goods and Legalization of Products, Minpromtorg of Russia
AEB Conference “Get Ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!”
Meeting with Andrey Danilenko, Ombudsman for Protection of the Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Trade
“Trade Law Amendments: Practical Aspects”
Open meeting with Oleg Prusakov, Head of Consumer Rights Protection Department of Rospotrebnadzor
On 21 July 2016, the AEB Retail Trade Committee held its annual meeting with Denis Pak, Head of the internal trade, light industry and consumer market department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
AEB Retail Trade Committee invited Denis Pak, Deputy Director Domestic Trade State Regulation Department, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade
On 20 December 2012, the AEB Retail Trade Committee

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