Health and Pharmaceuticals Committee

Formed in 2002
Position Paper 2019


Yury Litvishchenko Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC

Deputy Chairperson(s)

Ivan Glushkov Stada CIS


Olga Silnitskaya

Upcoming events

22.08.2019 10:00 Health and Pharma Committee meeting | Stada premises
30.08.2019 10:00 EDL pricing regulation stress-testing | STADA premises

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  • To coordinate and protect the interests of AEB Member Companies working in health and pharmaceuticals.
Action Plan
  • To coordinate activities with the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM)
  • To lobby for improvement in licensing and certification procedures
  • Meetings with officials from the Ministry of Health and the State Customs Committee
  • To focus on the following issues: to impact trends in the future development following recent changes in certification procedures and the implementation of the new Customs Code
  • To address intellectual property issues
  • To combat counterfeiting
  • To address brand protection issues
  • To address unfair competition
Committee news
AEB and GfK presented the results of the 12th Annual Survey “Strategies and Prospects for European companies in Russia”
AEB - FAS meeting on pharma issues
Round table "Big Pharma’s Anticompetitive Practices: BRICKs+ Competition Authorities’ Response"
10th meeting of the WG for Research on the Competition Issues in the Pharmaceutical Sector
Best health and safety practices in the pharmaceutical industry
AEB presents the 1st draft of the Code of Conduct for pharmaceutical producers
Round Table "Localisation of Pharmaceutical Production in Russia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
The Pharmaceutical Market: Creation of Fair Play Rules on the Pharmaceutical Markets of the BRICS and CIS countries
AEB Health and Pharmaceuticals Committee open event
Code of Good Practice

The Committee unites pharmaceutical and chemical companies, producers of medical equipment, medical centres, research institutes, etc. Committee Membership is open to all AEB Members, which are in some way connected to the health and pharmaceuticals sector.  


Dear Health and Pharmaceuticals Committee members,
On November 7, 2018, an official presentation was held on the results of the cooperation between professional associations and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia. This was followed by the signing of the Recommendations for legislative compliance regarding OTC (over-the-counter) drug advertising by professional associations and manufacturers. 
The aim of the document was to develop a unified practice for preparation of advertising materials and to create guidelines for pharmaceutical companies when working on advertising products.
Please find the document, both in Russian (official version) and in English (unofficial translation ) attached for your reference.

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