Product Conformity Assessment Committee

Formed in 2006
Position Paper 2019


Alexey Soldatov BSH Bytowyje Pribory OOO

Deputy Chairperson(s)

Vitaly Akimochkin Yamaha Motor CIS LLC


Olga Karp
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  • To identify and act on the major problems identified in the field of technical regulation, product conformity and standardisation.

  • To act as a specific link with European Commission representatives in charge of the EU-Russia Regulatory Dialogue

  • Many European companies doing business in Russia have encountered difficulties due to technical regulation. 

  • The significance of differences between the EU and Russia in terms of technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and standards relating to industrial products, «Technical Regulation» is a major issue of the «Common Economic Space» between EU and Russia

  • The implementation of the reform of Russian technical regulation, launched at the end of 2002 by the 183 FZ Federal Law «on technical regulating», is now moving forward and the Task Force will monitor and Establishment of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia
Action Plan
  • Regulation and Standardisation, especially in the frame of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia

  • Takes into account the questions addressed by concerned AEB Industrial and Sectoral Committees

  • Identifies and manages issues that require a common approach and coordinated actions within AEB
Committee news
AEB Conference “Technical regulation and conformity assessment in the EAEU and the EU: prospects for approximation”
Joint CTC and PCAC meeting “Procedure of importing samples for testing purposes and customs control of compliance with requirements of technical regulations in terms of labeling”
AEB Product Conformity Assessment Committee
“Approximation of the EU and RF Technical Regulation and Standardisation Systems”
“Technical Regulation and Conformity Assessment in the EAEU and the EU: Prospects for Approximation”
Meeting with the representatives of the technical regulation department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)
“Approximation of Customs Union and European Union legislation in the field of energy efficiency labeling”

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