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Formed in 2010
Position Paper 2019


Bashir Chalabi Promaco-TIAR


Svetlana Lomidze
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According to a recent World Bank/ IFC report Russia's current energy inefficiency is equal to the annual primary consumption of France thus making Russia one of the world’s most intensive energy users.  This can be partly explained by its world’s largest land mass, centers of population in some of the coldest areas on earth, the world’s 10th largest economy and a predominance of heavy industry. Achieving Russia's full energy efficiency potential would cost a total of $320 billion to the economy and result in annual cost savings to investors and end users of about $80 billion, paying back in just four years. Benefits to the total economy are much higher: $120-150 billion per annum of energy cost saving, additional earnings from gas export, increased economic competitiveness of economy and healthy environment.

For European investors in the Russian economy energy efficiency is both a risk and an opportunity.

Action Plan

The following terms of reference have been adopted by the members of the working group to define its purpose:

To advocate on the behalf of the AEB Members with the Russian Government, EU Commission and Governments of the Member States as appropriate on matters of principles relating to energy efficiency

To inform AEB members acting as a point of reference for info on policy developments and on the legislative framework and on possible EE projects

To act only there where the AEB has a clear and identifiable added value


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