Les Musicales du Monde: EU-French-German-Russian Musicals

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To take place in the Madeleine Church, Paris, Thursday, September 26, 2019, to be continued in Berlin, Saint Petersburg with final in Brussels.

"Music hunts hatred in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are restless, it consoles those who cries." Pablo Casals...

According to an idea of Sylvia Bourdon, the organization of diplomatical-musical events:

The Musicales UE-Franco-Germano-Russes are a pure civil society operation, without any state subsidy, intended as part of the French non-profit association, Les Musicales du Monde, to promote better relations between the EU, Russia, Germany and France through music. 

The launch is to be held in Paris, Thursday, September 26, 2019, in the church of the Madeleine, to continue to Berlin, Saint Petersburg and end in Brussels. During each concert broadcasted in each city, personalities of the EU, Germany, France and Russia will speak very briefly in favor of the relaxation. Alongside the artists, prominent political figures who support the spirit of the initiative, visible in the attached file, the economic world can not stay away. 

For the financing of the Parisian launch, 4 German, 4 French and 4 Russian companies are needed to raise the budget, € 66,291/corporation, minus the significant tax cuts that reduce the sums for an important return on image. 

We are six months behind the fundraising action. 
Indeed, the Juncker patronage was granted on June 19, 2018 and the last Russian support arrived on Christmas day 2018. 
Therefore, to maintain the date of September 26, 2019, I rely on the understanding of the corporations of the three countries on this time lag and I reckon on exceptional decisions for this great cause to promote a today much needed «détente» between the EU, Russia, Germany and France through music. Otherwise, the date may be postponed for December, since the Juncker patronage is valuable for the year 2019.