TABLOGIX joins the State University of Management public seminar in Expocentre.

06.11.2013 During the "SKLAD.TRANSPORT.LOGISTIKA" exhibition that took place in the Expocenter, the logistics department of the State University of Management (SUM) organized an open seminar. The audience of the seminar included students, postgraduates, professors of SUM and visitors of the exhibition. 

The 23-rd of October seminar was focused on two issues: 
• Problems of logistics education; 
• Development of the national logistics system. 

The representative of TABLOGIX, project specialist Dmitry Shedogubov, who graduated SUM in 2010, adressed the seminar with the speech: "The problems of logistics education." In his report, Dmitry Shedogubov demonstrated a profound knowledge and skills that he gained during his studying on Logistics and Supply Chain Management speciality. According to Dmitry, the most valuable knowledge were of network planning, document flow, management and the logistics mindset principles. 

The main problems of logistics education, according to Dmitry Shedogubov, are the lack of practical knowledge and skills, special classes’ in logistics during the first year of education and the knowledge gap in new implementation technologies. Dmitry also spoke about his job responsibilities as a project manager in TABLOGIX logistics company. His duties include: 

Project Management: - To meet the project schedule, to implement the project within the budget and in accordance with the required quality; - Planning; - Project monitoring and coordination; - Maintaining of documentation and reports on the project implementation; - Cooperation with customers and partners within the project. 

Participation in the automatization facilities elaboration: - Identification of needs for automatization of certain processes and operations; - Consolidation of all logistics chain participants demands; - Elaboration of T3 automatization facilities; - Coordination and control of the software product release; - Technological processes development; Dmitry has been working for TABLOGIX for more than 3 years. 

Being a student of the State University of Management (SUM), he had an intership at TABLOGIX company. Moreover, Dmitry became a laureate of the scientific and practical contest jointly organized by SUM, TABLOGIX and the AITAX Company. During his intership at TABLOGIX, Dmitry has been working on the following projects: General Motors’ operations implementation in Tomilino warehouse, pilot implementation of voice picking technology, extension of the Quality Management System in the Yekaterinburg warehouse, the launch of the warehouse operations for FIAT / Chrysler in Tomilino. 

It is reminiscent that an international logistic company TABLOGIX has a close ties with the logistics department of the State University of Management (SUM). TABLOGIX Company organizes practical trainings for students of SUM and participates in the scientific conferences. Nowadays TABLOGIX Company is in charge of the Dutch students internship. German students have arrived in Russia from Holland for studying Russian experience in logistics in the framework of an exchange program between universities. 

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