Business - breakfast "Arbitration trial: a guarantee of protection of the rights of investors"

22.11.2013 November 21, 20013 in Moscow (the hotel "Sheraton") held a business breakfast "Arbitration trial: a guarantee of the rights of the investor protection", organized with the direct support of the law firm " Bazarov, Golikov and partners" , as well as the International Association of Independent Lawyers . The main purpose of the event - in a simple and accessible way to convey to students the importance and significance of this legal institution of the arbitral tribunal , which is essentially an alternative method of resolving civil disputes and guarantee the protection of investments by investors. He opened a business breakfast moderator , managing partner of " Bazarov , Golikov and partners ," Dmitry Bazarov , welcoming the participants and speakers presenting event , which were: ∙ Gudkov Eduard, Assistant Deputy Prime Minister - Head of the Government of the Russian Federation . ∙ Maxim Verbitskiy , president of the International Association of Independent Lawyers ∙ Maxim Kuzmin , a lawyer AB " Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and Partners"

A presentation on the topic: Arbitration guarantee the protection of investors made Maxim Verbitskiy , the basic and important advantages of cases it is in the arbitration courts, which allows the parties to negotiate and resolve conflict situations where there is no urgent need to address in the state courts . Event guests heard about the many advantages of arbitration , such as : speed of the dispute, the simplicity of going to court and the availability of the judicial process. Maxim Kuzmin made a presentation on the topic : "Arbitration Courts : Russian specifics , citing real-life examples from the practice of AB" Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and Partners . " The representative of the government - Hooters Edward, Assistant Deputy Prime Minister - Head of the Government of the Russian Federation , in his speech touched on topical issues of changes novels legislation, in particular, the Civil Code, which can significantly affect the performance of the arbitration courts . The format of the event assumed the discussion , all participants are business - breakfast , gave exhaustive answers to additional questions and practical advice . In business - breakfast was attended by over 40 guests: directors of legal services organizations (enterprises), lawyers, attorneys, judicial authorities, as well as employees of the banking and financial sector.

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