Cesar Satellite Group of Companies became a member of “Promotion of Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" (GLONASS NCP) Non-Commercial Partnership

23.04.2013 In April 2013 Cesar Satellite Group of Companies became the tenth member of GLONASS Non-Commercial Partnership. Cesar Satellite will work to contribute to development of GLONASS technologies, including ERA-GLONASS, an emergency response system. http://glonassunion.ru/

“Currently, Cesar Satellite Group of Companies renders a full range of services, with some of such services envisaged within the ERA-GLONASS system. 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year more than 100 thousand of our clients can count on our assistance in the event of a traffic accident or any other road emergency. Information received from the vehicle allows registration of the accident, dispatch of the emergency response services, as well as reconstruction of the emergency circumstances. We understand the importance and significance of the ERA-GLONASS Project for Russia where casualty rate attributable to traffic accident still remain extremely high”, stresses Leonid Ogarev, President of Cesar Satellite Group of Companies.
According to Alexander Gurko, GLONASS NCP President, emergence of partner like Cesar Satellite will continuously provide the Non-Commercial Partnership with expert information of one of the major players of the Russian telematics market. “We are happy to see Cesar Satellite among the members of the Partnership. For the last 15 years the Company has been implementing advanced telematics technology on the Russian market. Market experts’ opinion is extremely important for us in development of the GLONASS projects technology strategies”, Alexander Gurko stressed.

Cesar Satellite Group of Companies is the leader of the Russian telematics services market, the largest federal comprehensive security systems operator that implements the PERSON-CAR-HOUSE concept. Cesar Satellite federal network comprises 5 monitoring centers and is represented in 36 cities of Russia. More than 100 000 individuals are among Cesar Satellite clients. More detailed information is presented at http://www.csat.ru/

Promotion of Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" (GLONASS NCP) Non-Commercial Partnership, a federal navigation network operator.
Controls regulation of the navigation function in Russia, discharges legislation development functions, such as development of the proposals on the regulatory and technical basis (writing of draft legislation, specifications to GLONASS equipment, etc.), promotes GLONASS technologies on the international markets and protects the domestic market.
Established in May 2012. Co-founders: ОАО Navigation and Information Systems (NIS GLONASS), ОАО MegaFon, ОАО Rostelecom, Yandex.
Since September 2012 GLONASS NCP has been appointed the only contractor for the project of establishment of ERA-GLONASS, a state automated emergency response system, by the RF Government Decree.

For further information please contact:
Natalia Skobelkina
Public Relations Manager
Tel: + 7 495 780-90-75
Mob: +7 926 082-59-10
E-mail: n.skobelkina@csat.ru

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