Intercomp announces completion of company rebranding

Intercomp announces completion of company rebranding 06.09.2013 Intercomp has completed a rebranding initiative as part of a marketing strategy that reflects the principles behind the company’s growth. The company has created vision and mission statements based on this strategy. The changes affect all graphical and textual brand elements, the corporate style, and the company website.

“Last summer, we started working toward the goals we had set out for ourselves, and began preparations for the rebranding. The company had to take the next logical step in its evolution. 

Our new vision for the years ahead is: to gain a foothold in the minds of consumers as the company which founded the practice of financial and HR outsourcing in Russia and the CIS; develop and adapt this area of activity in the markets in which it operates; create a stable image of the company, setting out its industry development path and defining standards for the sector. By striving to optimize companies’ processes, we improve business efficiency and develop management culture. This is how we see our mission. Our goal is stable growth secured by Intercomp’s effective positioning in today’s business process outsourcing market,” said Intercomp’s General Director Sergey Buchin. “On the way to achieving our ambitious goals, we shortened the company’s name to Intercomp. This stripped-down name reflects our insistence on uniformity and flawless consistency.” 

“This rebranding symbolizes a shift toward a radically new level of service, and is aimed at promoting the company’s new products. This is part and parcel of the trend toward increased market transparency and a search for measures to improve efficiency in the commercial sector and in the public sector,” said Intercomp’s Business Development Director Pavel Kovel. “We recently introduced several new product lines: Shared Services Center, ELC (Employee Life Cycle), and services for the public sector. I am positive that a clear positioning of the company in line with the current market requirements for outsourcing service providers will have a positive effect on the development of new solutions.

” Rebranding also meant a complete transformation of brand attributes. New designs were developed for all business documentation, and the corporate style was also adapted for use in interior design. This will help Intercomp to reinforce its new image in the minds of partners, clients, and employees. The rebranding will impact all of the company’s geographical markets. 

 “Our new company logo is a tricolor graphic that resembles both the tip of a pencil and the apex of a cone. The logo signifies that we work as precisely as the sharp point of a pencil. We are always contemporary – we are at the cutting edge,” says Intercomp’s Head of Marketing Yana Semenova. 

Intercomp has been providing F&A and HR outsourcing services in Russia and the CIS for 19 years, assisting clients to achieve high efficiency in their business processes. Today more than 600 specialists work at Intercomp offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Kyiv, Almaty and Astana, providing a high level of customer service in every region where the company operates. Intercomp is a permanent leader of Expert RA ratings among the companies specializing in F&A and HR outsourcing.

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