ExpoGlobal Group


ExpoGlobal Group participates in the world’s largest retail and exhibition design trade fair For the fourth time, last February, ExpoGlobal Group participated in the world’s largest retail and exhibition design trade fair being held once in three years — Euroshop in Dusseldorf, Germany. For 5 days, experts from over 48 countries exchanged knowledge in advanced technologies and innovations in architecture, graphic design, store fittings, interior creation, outstanding lightning installations and optimum presentation solutions.

Innovative ideas were born and already implemented in creative designs of stands to delight the eyes of the exhibition participants. Organisation of the 1st edition of METRO EXPO On the 25th and 26th of March, 2011, ExpoGlobal Group took part in the organisation of the 1st edition of METRO EXPO as a technical partner and built up an exclusive part of the exhibition, totaling 3.500 sq. m. This is a unique event in the professional sphere of trade that unites leading players of the market. Metro Cash and Carry, on behalf of Managing Director Jeroen de Groot expressed its gratitude for high quality of services rendered and the contribution made to the organisation of the exhibition.

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