Results of the Sixth Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey Conducted by Ernst & Young


Results of the Sixth Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey Conducted by Ernst & Young

Moscow, 5 September 2011 - Ernst & Young announced the results of the Sixth Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey. The auto dealers have determined the extent of their satisfaction with the work of automotive manufacturers (OEMs) in the Russian market.

The Russian Auto Dealers Association (ROAD) initiated the survey, and Ernst & Young conducted it as an independent consultant. About 75 respondents have submitted their answers, which provided the basis for the rating of 30 car brands. The survey questions were grouped by the following categories: new vehicle distribution, after-sales services, advertising and promotion, maintenance and development of the dealer network, financial support, and communications and feedback.

The main conclusions of the survey are as follows:

  1. Audi, Renault and Volkswagen have been granted the highest grades for the new vehicle distribution category.
  2. Toyota, Skoda and Volkswagen are leading in after-sales services category.
  3. Skoda, Ford and Toyota are at the top lines in the advertising and promotion category rating.
  4. Land Rover has received the best rating in the financial support category, followed by Renault and Ford.
  5. Skoda has crowned the DSI rating, with Renault and Toyota second and third, respectively.
  6. Dealers votes confirmed that Skoda, Renault and Toyota establish the best communication network.

Diagram. 1. Overall Dealer Satisfaction Index by brands, August 2011


The findings for 2011 significantly differ from the prior year results. Skoda has become number one, and Audi, which has been winning the top places during four years in a row, is number six only. Toyota ranks second, while Renaut and Volkswagen have been sharing the third place for the first time in TOP-3 based on the Overall Dealer Satisfaction Index by brands.

More detailed results of the Dealer Satisfaction Index (in particular, summary data and average grade dynamics based on the results of all surveys provided for each brand) will be included in the DSI Survey Analytical Report, which will be published on 26 September 2011.

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