In2Matrix Co-Chaired Assurex Global EMEA Regional Partners’ Conference


N E W S  R E L E A S E
25 May 2012, London

In2Matrix co-chaired this year’s Assurex Global EMEA Regional Partners’ Conference. The conference took place on 22-23 May at the Hilton Liverpool. The purpose of this event was to bring Assurex Global Partners from the EMEA region together to discuss insurance issues and provide networking opportunities. As the Assurex Global representative for Employee Benefits in the UK and Russia, In2Matrix had responsibility for the Employee Benefits content of the conference. It provided speakers for the client panel and it launched the Assurex Global Centre of Excellence, which is run by In2Matrix.
Gerard Baltazar, In2Matrix Chairman & CEO said: ‘This year’s Assurex Global Regional EMEA Regional Partners’ Conference focused on current issues that specifically relate to our Partner firms globally. We discussed how together we can create better value adding propositions for our clients as well as how Partners can run a profitable business during the current economic crisis. The Partners recognised that by combining our expertise, capabilities and global infrastructure we can outperform our main competitors. For In2Matrix this conference was a huge success.  We demonstrated that it is possible to get a combined proposition that delivers results for our clients. For instance, by using combined buying power, we introduced multinational pooling for SME’s and we are offering, together with one of our insurance Partners, a medical insurance program with MHD (‘Medical History Disregarded’) for a group size of two or over, which is usually reserved for a medium, or large group.  This unique proposition is now available for clients of all Assurex Global Partners’.
The Employee Benefits session of the conference looked at important issues in the UK market, the US healthcare reform, international pooling cluster solutions and dealing with expats. It included a Partner-to-Partner session which discussed topical issues in Employee Benefits. The session was run by Neil Fallon, In2Matrix Director of Employee Benefits. Neil also chaired the conference’s client Panel. He said: ‘The clients in the Panel gave us insight into the issues impacting their business through this global recession and showed us that flexible unique solutions are required. Through Assurex Global we are able to deliver some unsurpassed insight and solutions to our clients at a local and global level. This is a truly unique relationship that puts us at the top of the Global Benefits arena.’ 
Davor Lalic, Head of the In2Matrix Global Consulting division, delivered a session which focused on an impressive multinational pooling case study.  Davor said: ‘We had captivating sessions and thought-provoking discussions throughout the conference. The sessions which I attended consisted of high quality presentations. The participants had really analysed and deliberated the papers and there was an all-round lively and active participation from the floor. I am very much looking forward to building on this very strong conference in the future with further ideas and solutions that we can use to create and deliver value to our clients’.
Gerard Baltazar, In2Matrix Chairman & CEO
Neil Fallon, In2Matrix Director of Employee Benefits
Client Panel
Charlotte de Rocquigny, Head of Marketing -
In2Matrix is an insurance broker that helps employers, maximise their potential through the use of employee benefits. We use innovative and creative approaches to create transparent and successful strategies allowing you to demonstrate strong corporate governance whilst controlling the costs normally associated with benefit provision.

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