Charity event "Tales of Chukovsky through the eyes of children"


As is the tradition in October 2012 children from the Luchiki Kindergarten in the city of Kolomna participated in the charity event organized with the support of the law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT. This year it was called "Tales of Chukovsky through the eyes of children".

The kindergarten in Kolomna specializes in helping children with impaired hearing. The teachers and educators draw on many years of successful work. During this time they have used a unique methodology to teach countless children how to understand and pronounce sounds and words.

The year 2012 marked 130 years since the date of birth of popular children’s writer Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky. The heroes of his fairy tales, Krokodil [The Crocodile], Moidodyr [Wash-Them-Clean!] and Taraknishche [The Monster Cockroach] have been bringing joy to adults and children for over 90 years! Consequently the title of our event brings to mind famous characters from Korney Ivanovich’s children’s books.

The event for the children with impaired hearing lasted two days. On the first day they went on a trip to the  "World of Forgotten Items in the Tales of K.I. Chukovsky" at the State Literary Museum, city of Moscow. There they recalled their favorite characters, staged a show based on a tale by Chukovsky and even constructed a real Africa!


The atmosphere was wonderful: the kids listened attentively to the guide and then joyfully took to drawing their favorite heroes. Some of them even tried to draw portraits of the author.

As is the tradition, the second day was creative and helped the children discover their talents and ability to work as a team: each of them drew parts of a large joint drawing, selecting for this purpose their own favorite topic from one of Chukovsky’s tales.


At the same time the children were able to open up to associative thinking and develop their memories.

At the end all the individual fragments were combined into one work of art.



The educators and teachers from the Luchiki Kindergarten provided extensive support – Tatyana Arkadievan Razina, Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Popova and Ludmila Germanovna Tsvetkova. They helped the children select the topics for the drawings. At the end of the second day all the young artists received presents.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank in particular the director of the Luchiki Kindergarten in the city of Kolomna – Elena Vasilievna Lenchevskaya - for the kind assistance that she provided to us this year with the implementation and organization of the event!

Contact details for anyone who wants to support the kindergarten: Municipal pre-school educational institution– remedial kindergarten Luchiki, 19b, ul. Malysheva, city of Kolomna, tel. +7 (496) 615 49 40, 615 52 87.

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