Minister of Forestry of Ryazan region Jaroslav Kudinkin visited with a work visit a law firm "Bazarov, Golikov and partners"

04.10.2013 On behalf of the company "Bazarov, Golikov and partners” there was Oleg Dacko, Head of Project Finance Practice during the meeting. 

The current problems of the development of forestry Ryazan region, as well as investment opportunities Projects forest complex of the region – was the main theme of meeting. 

The Minister reviewed the proposal for the implementation of a new investment project, initiated and organized by the "Bazarov, Golikov and partners". The representative of "Bazarov, Golikov and Partners" has requested a business plan for the project and showed great interest in its implementation. 

The meeting was also attended by Alexander Fedotov, chief technology officer (ZAO "Permanent K & M»), Sergei Pentegov, expert industry branches ( "Engineering"). At the end of the visit, The Minister supported the initiative for further 

Author Julia Veselova, Marketing Director “Bazarov, Golikov & Partners”

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