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The algorithm for entry to Russia for foreign citizens.

  •  HQS and family members. Companies can address such requests to their respective profile (sectoral) ministries. The letter from Ministry of Industry and Trade Russia and its Excel attachment as an example can be found in Reference data and Files section. Please note, that it is also available for family members, according to the Decree № 3675-r dated December 28, 2020. It updates Decree № 635-r of March 16, 2020 by adding family members to the categories of persons allowed to re-enter Russia once. 

  •  Citizens of the EAEU states will be able to fly to Russia in February. The air border will open from February 1 to March 1 inclusively for citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The plane shall be taken only from Armenia or Belarus to certain airports in Russia (available Russian airports are listed in the Decree № 140-r). 

  •  List of countries with which the Russian Federation resumes international air service (will be updated accordingly):
- The UK
- Tanzania
- Turkey
- Switzerland
- Egypt
- Maldives
- Kazakhstan
- Kyrgyzstan
- The Republic of Korea
- Cuba
- Serbia
- Japan
- Seychelles
- Ethiopia
- Vietnam
- India
- Qatar
- Finland

The Association of European Businesses is following closely the situation and will keep you updated on any further development.

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19.05.2022 Updated 'Medical Checks Q&A' guidance
We have updated our 'Medical Checks Q&A' guidance. 

05.03.2022 Medical examination
On March 1, 2022 the AEB received extended clarifications from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the medical examination and fingerprinting of foreign nationals. The Ministry: 

• confirmed that 30 days deadline is non-cumulative, i.e. previous periods of a foreign citizen's stay in the Russian Federation are not summed up; 
• gave detailed information re valid reasons for missing the deadline for undergoing medical examination; 
• explained that the legislation does not establish restrictions regarding the subject of the Russian Federation in which medical examinations must be performed. 

For your convenience, we have updated our "Medical Checks Q&A" guidance.
07.07.2021 New epidemiological rules of entering the country for the citizens of Russia and EAEU
Anna Popova, the Chief Sanitary Officer of Russia, has signed a Decree that regulated the epidemiological rules of entering the country for the citizens of Russia and EAEU member states. According to the Decree, Russian citizens returning from overseas will be required to self-isolate until they test negative for Covid-19. This measure comes into force today, July 7, 2021.
21.06.2021 Russia resumes air traffic with nine more countries
According to the decision of the Operational Staff, Russia resumes regular international flights with the following countries starting June 28, 2021 on a reciprocity basis: More
27.05.2021 New algorithm for foreign nationals coming to Russia for business trips and investment projects was approved
We would like to inform you that following the decision of the Operational Staff as of May 14, 2021, a new algorithm of entering Russia for foreign nationals coming for business trips and involved in negotiations and implementation of investment projects  (in accordance with item 32 of the Government Decree N 1291-r "On amendments to acts of the Government of the Russian Federation") was approved (hereinafter - the Algorithm). More
16.02.2021 Russia extends suspension of air communication with Great Britain
Russia extends the suspension of air connections with Britain until March 16 inclusive due to the epidemiological situation. More
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