Health Insurance Programme

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Exclusive AEB Members Programme

The Health Insurance Programme (HIP) designed and operated by Marsh insurance brokers is available exclusively for AEB members of any size – from 1 to any number of employees. The Programme provides multiple levels of clinics and services and other additional benefits.

It is simple to get the exclusive Health Insurance:


Email or call Marsh Marsh will contact you to discuss your preferences, help you compare your Programme to Marsh HIP


Chose your exclusive option Marsh will provide you with insurance options, advice and analysis to help you make the right choice


Enjoy the service Marsh will arrange the on-time processing and policies delivery

Programme partners

The Programme has been put through a rigorous selection process to ensure the best price and services to help member companies choose from the best providers and options.

Full range of services

Outpatient treatment
Inpatient treatment
Home doctor visits
Additional benefits

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+7 (495) 660-24-35