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AEB Annual Survey Briefing: Strategies and Prospects for European Companies in Russia


On June 6, 2023, the AEB presented the findings of the 16th AEB Annual Survey “Strategies and Prospects for European Companies in Russia” and AEB Barometer which gives a view on how companies see the current situation in the Russian market and what next steps they plan. 

While in 2022, against the backdrop of escalating geopolitical tensions and unprecedented external sanctions, the barometer hit a record low of 80 points, this year the index has increased by 36 points to 116 points out of possible 200, just slightly short of the area of positive expectations. It means that companies’ expectations re economy and their own business approach again the positive area. 

During the webinar, prominent experts discussed the survey results and shared their opinion on the reasons behind the renewed investor optimism and confidence.

Alexey Dorofeev, CEO, Vice-President Commercial Head Russia & Kazakhstan, GfK Rus, Chris Weafer, Partner and Founder, Macro-Advisory, Michael Harms, Executive Director, German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, Daniel Russell, President and CEO, The U.S.-Russia Business Council, took part in the discussion. 

The webinar wasopened by AEB Finance and Investments Committee Chairman Andrey Zharskiy (Partner, ALRUD) and moderated by AEB CEO Tadzio Schilling.

The full results of the survey can be found via the link.