Russia resumes air traffic with nine more countries


According to the decision of the Operational Staff, Russia resumes regular international flights with the following countries starting June 28, 2021 on a reciprocity basis:

Belgium on the route Moscow - Brussels with a frequency of 4 flights a week;
Bulgaria on the routes Moscow - Sofia, Moscow - Varna, Moscow - Burgas with a frequency of 4 flights a week on each route and Yekaterinburg - Burgas, Yekaterinburg - Varna, Mineralnye Vody - Varna, Samara - Burgas, Rostov-on-Don - Varna, Rostov-on-Don - Burgas with a frequency of 1 flight a week on each route;
Cyprus on the routes Moscow - Larnaca 4 flights a week, Moscow - Paphos 3 flights a week, as well as from other airports of Russia, from which the international flights were resumed, to Larnaca and Paphos, with a frequency of 2 flights a week on each route;
Ireland on the route Moscow - Dublin with a frequency of 2 flights per week;
Italy on the routes Moscow - Rome and Moscow - Milan with 4 flights a week, Moscow - Venice and Moscow - Naples with 2 flights a week;
Jordan on the routes Moscow - Amman and Moscow - Aqaba with a frequency of 2 flights per week on each route;
Northern Macedonia on the route Moscow-Skopje with a frequency of 1 flight per week;
USA on the routes Moscow - Washington and Moscow - New York with a frequency of 2 flights per week.
Starting June 28, 2021 the number of regular flights will be increased with Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Qatar, Serbia, Finland, Croatia, and Switzerland.
In addition, it was decided to restore regular and charter flights with Turkey starting June 22, 2021 on the routes and with the frequency as agreed before its suspension.
The Operations Staff also recommends that Russian citizens get vaccinated before flying to foreign countries for additional protection against the coronavirus infection.


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