Knauf Group CIS (OOO Knauf Gips)

  • 143400, Московская обл., г. Красногорск , ул. Центральная 139
  • +7 (495) 504 08 21
  • 7 (495) 504 0823; 980 98 49

Knauf is an international company that is based on the best principals of the family business. Knauf is the leading manufacturer of building materials on the basis of gypsum. Knauf is the biggest German investor in the construction industry in Russia. The Knauf Group CIS conducts its mainly activities in recovery and processing of gypsum, production of gypsum and cement-based building finishing materials of the highest quality and supplying the construction industry with gypsum. Knauf offers systems of drywall construction. In the central scientific and research Knauf Center unique products for green architecture and smart buildings have been developed.

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