Honda Motor RUS LLC

  • Российская Федерация, 143350, Москва, поселение Марушкинское, дер. Шарапово, ул. Придорожная, строение 1
  • +7 (495) 228 81 23
  • 7 495 745 20 81

Honda Motor RUS LLC was founded in 2004 by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. as its fully-owned subsidiary to strengthen its local automobile, motorcycle and power equipment sales operations on Russian market. HMR is located in Moscow and oversees sales of Honda and Acura products, logistics, after-sales, advertising and PR functions. HMR is in charge of marketing and sales for Honda wide range of motor products, ranging from small general-purpose engines to motorcycles and vehicles. Nowadays HMR is responsible for sales and service operations of Honda and Acura (since 2015), representing them in Russia.

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