Chubb Insurance Company, LLC

  • 119425, Москва, вн.тер.г. муниципальный округ Хамовники, наб. Саввинская, дом 23, стр.1
  • +7(495) 589 22 27
  • 7 495 727 42 46

LLC Chubb Insurance Company (previously name was ACE) was established in 2004. Chubb Insurance Company of Russia is part of the Chubb Group of insurance and reinsurance companies. Chubb Insurance in Russia offers tailor-made insurance products secured by Chubb Group internal treaties to Russian clients having adequate Risk Management programs and requiring a western insurance product. One of the main goals for the Moscow office is to service the existing multi-national Chubb clients in Russia, whilst increasing domestic and multinational company accounts across the portfolio. The Company provides more than 30 different kinds of insurance and reinsurance in the field of Non-Life Insurance.

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