Agro-Сhemie Kft.

  • 119002, Москва, переулок Сивцев Вражек, 29/16, каб. 415
  • +7 499 241 35 35 , +7 499 255 9686
  • 7 499 255 96 87

Agro-Chemie Ltd. was formed in 2007 from the Plant Protection Business Unit of former Agro-Chemie. Agro-Chemie Kft. is involved in production of active ingredients, intermediate products and ready-made products of in-house development for their further use in plant protection and also for sales around the world. The discoveries and products of the company are patent protected, which ensures high quality of the final products. Production standards in Agro-Chemie Kft. are based on high level of innovation activity, all unique technologies and processes of production are certified and guarantee high quality of the products.

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