ANCOR Shifts to a New Level of Accounting Process Outsourcing


ANCOR Holding launches a new model of accounting process outsourcing. Since October 25, 2011 ANCOR Holding subsidiary, «ANCOR Accounting Process Management» starts render-ing of payroll, accounting and HR administration outsourcing all over Russia.

In order to ensure the clients' data security and to maintain high integrity level of professional services «ANCOR Accounting Process Management» establishes a separate data processing center and two HR administration and payroll centers in Moscow and Yaroslavl. Services sales center is located in Moscow.

A technical platform of the data processing center combines modern server and network equipment and brand-new technical solutions for data processing and accounting calculations. This solution allows to process large amount of data with the required processing speed, and provides additional technical services to clients.

Irina Lyamina, Head of Accounting Process Outsourcing Department, ANCOR Accounting Process Management in Russia: "ANCOR accumulated profound expert knowledge in the fields of HR processes development, thus launch of a specialized business unit within the Holding will allow to render services required by the client in a new format and with a new level of quality, convenience, and integrity. Our obvious advantage of using simultaneously two technical platforms designed in Russia (1C and BOSS-Kadrovik) is a breakthrough solu-tion for the Russian market and allows to decrease time required to transfer the client's ac-counting process functions to a provider of these services. My goal is to develop payroll and HR administration services and strengthen the leading positions of the Holding in recruitment and staff leasing segments securing the Holding's leadership in accounting process outsourc-ing".

Sergey Salikov, ICM Group General Director: "Establishment and development of a com-pany making part of ANCOR Holding and focused on accounting process outsourcing fully complies with the ICM Group strategy, specifically to invest in different assets making part of HR services market and thus to maximize the market share of the Group of companies in this industry. Currently the Group comprises several companies that render HR services, includ-ing ANCOR Holding, executive search company BigFish, the developer of Experium program – Heliosoft company, CASE consulting company, and one of the leaders in the Russian market of accounting process outsourcing - Unistaff Payroll Solutions. ICM Group assesses the Rus-sian market of payroll and HR administration outsourcing as high-potential and attractive for investments, and expands its share in this segment investing in the establishment of the Ac-counting Process Outsourcing Center under ANCOR brand".

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