Elbrus Capital has invested in Intercomp

31.10.2013 Elbrus Capital announced that it has acquired Intercomp, the largest financial and HR business process outsourcing provider in Russia and the CIS.

Having led the way in financial and HR outsourcing in Russia since it was founded in 1994, Intercomp today is the leader in its segment in terms of size and quality of services. Intercomp employs more than 600 professionals and has a portfolio of over 700 clients, including major international and regional companies representing dozens of various industries. 

“This transition to a new stage of development became possible as a result of the company’s stable and continuous growth,” said Intercomp’s CEO Sergey Buchin. “In the last year alone, we have implemented a whole range of major initiatives: we opened a branch in Nizhny Novgorod, introduced new services for the government sector, and rebranded the company. I am delighted that we have found a reliable business partner in Elbrus Capital: a partner with whom we can boldly move into the future. We are confident that profitability and stability, as well as focus on growth and expansion, will prove to be the major features of our development.”

“Business optimization and focus on efficiency are essential to success in any business,” said Managing Partner of Elbrus Capital Alexander Savin, commenting on the deal. “We expect the outsourcing industry to grow substantially in the near future. The increased outsourcing of ancillary business processes in both the commercial and government sectors will help companies and the government alike, to reach their goals in changing market conditions. We see Intercomp as the industry leader, and will fully support its management team in implementing its further growth strategy.” 

About Elbrus Capital 
Elbrus Capital is a leading private equity business in Russia and the CIS. Elbrus Capital was launched in 2007. Currently, it manages two funds with total assets of over US$ 700 million. The fund’s core investor base is major international institutional investors and international development institutions. Elbrus Capital focuses on investments in leading companies looking for further growth and consolidation opportunities. Elbrus Capital's existing portfolio includes the following companies: 
• UTH Russia, a television broadcasting company operating U Channel, MUZ-TV and Disney Channel 
• Viberi Radio, a leading regional radio business in Russia • Strela Telecom, a regional provider of broadband internet and cable TV 
• United Catering Group, a contract catering services provider 
• Blesk InCare, a leading operator of industrial laundries, textile management and dust control mats in Russia and Ukraine 
• A large automotive retailer in Siberia 
• SPSR-Express, a leading private express delivery company in Russia 
• OSG Records Management, a leading document storage and records management business 
• B2B-Center, the largest operator of an online procurement marketplace in Russia 
• National Medical Network, a network of private diagnostic centers in regions of Russia 

 Website: http://www.elbcp.com/

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