Sports charity event "Small Olympians"

Sports charity event "Small Olympians" 12.11.2013 A sports charity event called "Small Olympians" was held in Kolomna on 24 September and 3 October 2013. Children aged 5-6 from the Luchiki Preschool for Hearing Impaired Children and the Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors took part in the event, organized by the Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer (German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber) (AHK) and the international law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT. 

The Luchiki Preschool in Kolomna specializes in work with hearing impaired children. The school's educators and teachers have years of successful work under their belts. Since its inception, the preschool has used a unique method to teach many children to understand and pronounce sounds and words. 

The Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors was created to provide social services to families, children and individuals who find themselves in difficulties. The Center works as a live-in institution for orphans from 3 to 18 years of age. The Center is devoted to providing children with safe and comfortable living conditions until their further family placement, health care and education arrangements are put in order. The Center employs innovative social and domestic rehabilitation techniques: the "My House" practice and play set, which is set up like a mini-apartment, where culinary and handicraft classes are held, the "sensory room", the musical living room, computer class, and gymnasium. There are also visits from psychologists, a legal advisor and a social counselor. 

A sports day was organized for the children from both institutions on 24 September. They competed in teams, ran races, jumped through hoops, and took part in relay races. The small sportsmen were then presented with stuffed dolls of the mascots for the 2014 Olympics: the Amur leopard Barsik, the polar bear Polyus, and the European hare Strelka. Everyone was a winner in this competition! The children were happy and forgot about the problems they face every day. The second artistic day of the event was held on 3 October. The children drew pictures on an Olympic theme. competition was over, everyone danced a "sports dance" and had fun. 

 Looking forward to the Olympics in Sochi, the children gladly remembered what types of winter sports there are (figure skating, hockey, skiing, biathlon, bobsledding), and drew many colorful pictures of both the sportsmen and the symbols of the upcoming Olympics. 

 The wonderful educators of the Luchiki Preschool, Svetlana Anatolievna Lyubicheva, Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Popova, and the teacher, speech pathologist Tatyana Arkadievna Razina, provided invaluable assistance to all participants throughout the event. We would like to give special thanks to Alla Valentinovna Prokhorova, the director of State Public Social Service Institution of Moscow Oblast (GKUSO MO) Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors, for her support and assistance in the organization and holding of the event! 

Contact information for those wishing to support the Luchiki Preschool: Municipal preschool special educational institution Luchiki Preschool, 19b ulitsa Malysheva, Kolomna, tel. 8 (496) 615 49 40, 615 52 87. Contact information for those wishing to support the Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors: GKUSO MO Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center, 97A ulitsa Lenina, Kolomna, tel. 8 (496) 612 31 64.

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