First time in Russia: MBTI Step I Qualifying Programme at Ernst & Young

13.06.2013 Ernst & Young Academy of Business, authorized by UK-based OPP Ltd, first time offers MBTI® Step I Qualifying Program in Russian. 

 MBTI® Step I Qualifying Program is for those interested in the application of human personality theory within an organizational setting, including team leaders, line managers, HR managers, L&D practitioners and other professionals with people management responsibilities. Upon completion of the MBTI® Step I Qualifying Program, participants will become certified MBTI® practitioners. 

The first MBTI® Step I Qualifying Program will be launched in Moscow in September 2013.

MBTI® Step I Qualifying Program*
2-4 September, 16 October 2013

Training fee rub. (per person) “Early bird”** special offer:
More than 6 weeks prior to the start of the workshop: 112 000 rubles
From 2 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the workshop: 120 000 rubles
Less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the workshop: 135 000 rubles

*        Training is delivered in the in open and in-company format upon request.
**        “Early bird” special offer is efficient for one participant for the stated terms of registration. Please note that VAT (18%) will be added to the above fee.

Detailed information about MBTI® Step I Qualifying Programme:$FILE/MBTI_Qualification_Step_I_RUS.pdf Registration form: 

More about MBTI®:
Elena Levteyeva Ernst & Young Academy of Business Tel.: +7 (495) 755 9700

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