TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW acquires new office floorspace

11.07.2013 July 12th, 2013  

The managing company of TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW team has finalized the deal of acquiring near 30 000 sq.m. of office floorspace in addition to existing 300 000 sq.m. manufacturing spaces of TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW. It allows the TECHNOPOLIS to comply with international standards which state that around 10% of the TECHNOPOLIS territory should be devoted to office spaces. It is important to note that these spaces cannot only be occupied by administrative services of industrial and manufacturing companies – the residents of TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW, but at the same time they can attract innovative and hi-tech companies which do not need manufacturing facilities, but require high quality infrastructure. Such are IT developers, data centres as well as infrastructure service companies – banks, staff agencies, etc. ___________________________________________________________________ 

For additional information please contact TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW press service: 
• Yulia Ekimova, +7 (495) 647-08-18 доб. 121 +7 (926) 233-02-26 +7 (909) 696-49-73 
• Alyona Shapaeva,

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