BUREAU VERITAS Certification has recertified TABLOGIX operations


22-24 August 2011 - BUREAU VERITAS Certification has recertified TABLOGIX operations

The auditors of BUREAU VERITAS confirmed the compliance of TABLOGIX quality management system with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The new quality certificate will be valid for 3 years.

The quality of TABLOGIX warehouse operations has always been under close supervision of senior management. TABLOGIX quality management system is the true pride of its employees as it involves every member of the company to control provided services, guarantee high quality indicators and provide continuous improvement of warehouse operations. High quality operations were the key indicator which helped TABLOGIX to achieve and maintain the leading position among logistic service providers in Russia.

The first certificate of quality management system was granted to TABLOGIX in 2008. Since that time the company has conducted 4 external and 13 internal audits. During 4 years the system has grown and become more mature involving all employee of the company to be a part for improvement. As a result of continuous improvement the accuracy of order has significantly increased and customer satisfaction, especially such clients as Ford Motor Company and Volvo Cars, was much higher.

Successful operations of TABLOGIX has gained international recognition. As a result of the competition among Ford European Part Distribution Centers in 2010, the Distribution Center handled by TABLOGIX in Moscow has shared the first place with the Polish warehouse. In addition to certificate ISO 9001:2008, TABLOGIX was granted Q1 certificate by Ford Motor Company, which is recognized by all the global car manufacturers.

According to Boris Romanov, head of TABLOGIX Quality Management Department, TABLOGIX has always produced an impression on auditors due to positive atmosphere at the warehouse and desire of people to share their achievements. Personnel of TABLOGIX is eager for further improvements. From the moment the Quality Management System was implemented within TABLOGIX, people are aspired for continuous development.

Boris Teklin, Director of Human Resources Department has informed that senior management of the company plans to further expand the scope of the quality system and achieve a higher level through the company's staff development and their involvement in the improvement of the system.

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