Less than Half of the Russian Citizens Take Measures In Order to Protect Them-selves against the Second Wave of the Crisis


At the end of 2011 ANCOR Holding carried out a research on "Personnel Motivation: Job Seekers' Career Expectations" which involved 6,767 respondents from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Central, Northwestern, Southern, Volga, Ural, North Caucasian, Siberian, and Far Eastern Federal Districts.  

In the course of the traditional large-scale research ANCOR found out the main motivation factors which come first for employees when they are looking for jobs and work under the current economic conditions. The special attention was paid to economic behavior of candidates in unstable economic environment, specifically the way they assess their social security, and which measures they take in order to protect themselves if 2008-situation occurs again.
The majority of the respondents were represented by specialists and middle-level managers (41% and 36% accordingly) aged from 21 to 35 who form the bulk of economically active population. 86% of the respondents are currently working. However 44% of respondents monitor what the labor market offers, or they are actively seeking jobs (26%).
What Motivates Candidates Under the Current Economic Situation?
It should be noted that currently for the major part of employees a company's stability comes first (52%). And a vertical growth opportunity in a company (48%) and favorable team environment (43%) are ranked only the second and the third.
The most important material factor is a flexible bonus that depends on individual key performance indicators thus showing that employees are sure of their qualifications and they are willing to work more efficiently and perform a large amount of work if this results in growing material compensation. At that benefits packages and payment for education are of secondary importance, however these possibilities are still important for candidates (48% and 41% accordingly).
Less Than Half of the Russian Citizens Are Concerned About Possible Crisis
Despite experts' forecasts which predict possible recurrence of 2008-crisis and taking into account unstable economic situation overall, only 45% take some measures in order to protect themselves.
The major part of the respondents prefers to put away money (23%), some respondents are looking for job offers in other companies in case if they are made redundant, and 13% start to keep their savings in the bank. Herewith only 10% expanded their range of responsibilities and started to work more efficiently, and just 3% began to improve their professional competency
Employees' Social Security in Russia
Summarizing the results of the research an average estimate of respondents' social security is 6.1 on a ten-point scale. Respondents explained that an estimate below 7 points is due to salary paid off the books, non-regular salary payments, non-refundable sick-leave and absence of benefits package, as well as high possibility of staff reduction, etc.
Sergey Gadetsky, Country director for ANCOR Holding, Russia, comments: "Currently the labor market virtually fully recovered and is considered to be a job-seeker market; contest for qualified personnel becomes more intense, however there are still some concerns which are related to unstable economic situation and international experts' forecasts. Employees are willing to be more socially secured and take less risk preferring not to change a job, though 44% of candidates monitor the market regularly in order to find attractive job offers. It is obvious that under the current conditions the majority expects of employers stable income and an expanded package of non-material benefits.
In their turn employees should pay attention to expansion of their professional functions scope that will make them more important and efficient for an employer, and this will provide an opportunity to protect themselves against possible staff reduction.
Under the shortage of good specialists in the Russian market and contest for professionals, in the short-term employers should focus on motivation of key specialists offering them different possibilities for development and personal capitalization, that will allow a company to remain competitive in the market and attractive for employees".

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