Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora hotel kicks off the summer season by opening its popular summer terrace Vicolo


Moscow, May 14, 2012 – A cozy summer terrace “Vicolo” of the Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora became one of the signs of summer in the historic part of Moscow, at the corner of fashionable Petrovka lane. An excellent place to wile away a short Moscow summer, the 80-seat Vicolo has opened its fourth season. 
Framed with multiple flowerbeds and canopy-covered to protect from a sudden shower, Vicolo, which means ”Lane” in Italian, provides  a fresh retreat on a hot summer day or a warm evening.
The menu of this season was again considerably reworked by Executive Chef Thomas Koessler and his team. The new menu guarantees that Vicolo  is the right place for any type of the meal, - from  a leisurely breakfast, a light lunch, a mid-day snack to a casual dinner.
A  newcomer to the Starters is “Marinated Red Tuna” (1,050 RUB) with bell pepper, soy sprouts and ginger is a light and delicious option.  “VIETNAMESE COLD SPRING ROLLS” (950 RUB) with duck confit, ma hor paste, cucumber, carrot and coriander wrapped  in rice paper, with kafir lime sauce.  is a nod towards the  Asian cuisine. Highly recommended are «Fresh Chicken Yogurt Salad” ( 750 RUB), with cucumber, iceberg salad, walnuts and celery and “Seafood Cous Cous Salad” (1,550 RUB), with cucumber and prawns. Thai food fans will still enjoy “Thai Beef Salad “(950 RUB), with all the right ingredients to make an authentic dish.

Other sections of the menu include Sandwiches, Risotto and Ravioli and  Sashimi & Sushi.
The chef recommends “Lamb Kofta Lavash” (1,250 RUB) with fetaki cheese, red onion, herbs, Tzatziki sauce and salsa, an unusual and tasty oriental-style sandwich  .

Seafood lovers won’t miss “SUMMER STYLE BOUILLABAISSE “(800 RUB), a popular Mediterranean soup with pieces of different fishes, like  halibut, seabuss and prawns.
Those who favor risotto  will appreciate “Green Asparagus Risotto With Herbs” (990 руб.).
The Main Courses this summer offer both  popular last year’s favorites  as well as several newcomers. ” Mini Kebab Platter”  (1 400RUB),  of chicken satay, lamb kofta and beef shashlyk (1,400 RUB.) and very tender “Vienna Schitzel”  with Wild Cranberry Sauce  (1 400RUB),  which rivals the creations of the best Vienna restaurants, have proved their quality last year. Among the new dishes are  “Seared Halibut with Marinated Fennel Salad and Yellow Pepper Cream”  ( 1,650 RUB) and “Lemon Grass Chicken”  (1,300 RUB)  with coconut milk, lime leaves, lemon grass and chili.  
Those on a sweet mission, should try ” Banana Split” (780 RUB), glazed in honey banana with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, waffles,  whipped cream, almond flakes and chocolate sauce, or  “Crиme Brulee” (720 RUB) with passion fruit and mango. Chocolate aficionados woll appreciate “Chocolate Sponge Cream” ( 700 RUB) with white chocolate, strawberries and cream.

Vicolo bartenders offer the coolest cocktails and drinks. Vicolo’s amazing collection of nearly 30 cocktails and drinks, covers everything from simple but delicious homemade lemonades  - strawberry, cucumber, lemon mint and ginger (800-850 RUB) to refreshing twists on classics like  Passionate Apple Martini, Daiquiri, Cucumber Tom Collins and Mojitos ( 600 RUB).

During Summer the Vicolo will offer several promos, like Thai Food or Moet & Chandon weeks.

Vicolo is open seven days a week, from 8am till 2amAddress: 11, Petrovka street (Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora hotel).

CONTACT: Valentina Starova

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