Pepeliaev Group and TerraLex Hold Joint Conference in Moscow


The Northern Europe Regional Law Firm Meeting for TerraLex member firms, jointly organised by Pepeliaev Group and TerraLex, was held in November 2012 in Moscow.

TerraLex brings together over 20,000 lawyers and 160 law firms from more than 100 countries worldwide. The ability to involve international TerraLex partners in project work substantially increases the coverage of member firms’ legal services. This allows independent law firms to provide prompt services to their clients in any jurisdiction in the world. Pepeliaev Group has been a member of TerraLex since 2009.
The conference brought together TerraLex member firms and their clients, Russian and international companies alike. Interest was sparked by the session focusing on the important aspects of investing in Russia, including civil code reforms, main trends and developments of Russian tax legislation, and the impact of Russia’s WTO membership on doing business in the country. Light was cast on these issues by representatives of Pepeliaev Group: Sergey Pepeliaev, Managing Partner, Andrey Tereschenko, Partner, Galina Balandina, Partner, and Nikolay Solodovnikov, Head of Corporate.
Highlights of the day included the briefings by Andrey Tsyganov, Deputy Head of the Russian Federation Federal Antimonopoly Service on the impact of antimonopoly legislation on business today and Lyudmila Novoselova, Judge of the Russian Supreme Commercial (‘Arbitration’) Court, who gave an overview of rulings in corporate law.
Representatives of foreign law firms spoke about opportunities to invest in Europe, focusing on important statutory matters that should be considered by Russian investors.
“Such meetings give a chance to network and find out more about opportunities available for investing in Russia and Europe”, says TerraLex Chair and CEO Harry P. Trueheart III of Nixon Peabody LLP. In his opinion, the TerraLex event brings together lawyers from various countries to solve common problems of law and law enforcement practice and to develop the best solutions in terms of services provided to clients. The participants came to a general consensus: by interacting effectively, TerraLex member firms can exchange expertise internationally and maximise the quality of services they offer. At the same time, promoting investment opportunities benefits both investors and the TerraLex member firms involved. 
Sergey Pepeliaev was confident that “TerraLex membership helps us to foster international contacts among local law firms. Through our extensive connections we have the opportunity to offer our clients services all over the world, and to do so promptly and cost-effectively”. Mr Pepeliaev believes that such meetings not only contribute to the exchange of expertise between lawyers but demonstrate law firms’ international capabilities to clients.

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