"Russia: Practical Solutions 2012" Conference


On 22 November 2012 the "Russia: Practical Solutions 2012" Conference took place in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The event aimed to provide support, assistance and networking opportunities for companies already operating in the Russian market and for businesses keen to find out a little more.  It was a one-day business event  devoted to the latest opportunities and developments  in Russia and was  hosted by Albion Overseas Ltd.  Michael Page Russia was the recruitment  sponsor of the event.

Alf Harris, Director Michael Page Russia,  made an overview of recruitment in Russia for foreigners. He touched internal and external recruiting issues to consider: choice between Expats and local professionals on top management positions, differences in people's mentalities, market conditions and some recruiting particular qualities connected with them, such as young and growing market demands fast promotions and high expenses on salaries.

He gave advice for those who just started business in Russia: stay flexible, listen and have cultural empathy and, of course, have a clear recruitment plan. Russian market is full of potential with great professionals, but still it’s the internal factors that often define your success in Russia.
Among other companies represented  there were Maxima Consulting & Law,  Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, UK Trade & Investment, Grant Thornton. Their speakers provided information relating to product certification, customs procedures, travel, visas, legal & tax issues, translation, trade finance and government assistance in Russia.
The event was an outstanding success. Relative to other equivalent events, this was dynamic, and gave great excellent insight to Russian market, which continues to go from strength to strength. 

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