ECOTEAM – 15 years in Russia


In December, 2012 legal EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) consulting company ECOTEAM celebrated 15 years of its business in Russia.

Being a leading company in this specific sector of legal consulting ECOTEAM provides support for multinational corporations working in Russia. Long-time practical experience helps ECOTEAM in providing high quality consulting support for companies from different branches of industry such as IKEA, Coca-Cola, Rockwool, Saint-Gobain, etc.
Major services offering by ECOTEAM:
-  Legal support of planning and ongoing activities in compliance with Russian EHS legislation;
-  Defense of the client’s interests in court, in prosecutor's office, and in the disputes with federal or local authorities;
-  Legal EHS audit;
-  Developing of appropriate environmental documentation;
-  Monthly digest of Russian EHS legislation – ECOZAKON.
ECOTEAM’s staff consists of the leading experts of government institutions such as State Duma, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Moscow City Duma, local authorities, etc. All staff members have extensive experience in environmental and legal consulting. 

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