HR Labour Market Overview and Salary Survey


The number of vacancies in  HR closely  correlates with the number available during    the same period last year. We have not observed any significant increase or decrease in the number of vacancies on the market. Most job seekers are considering proposals passively, as they have stillnot received bonuses for 2012.

Compared with last year, employers have become much more keen to hire, particularly for specialist and middle management roles. For example, if before it was enough for HR administrators to know HR paper work and understand the labour laws, they now also need a good knowledge of SAP and fluent English.

Employers have started to pay more attention to candidatessoft skills,  not only when recruiting managers but also regular specialists. Some companies have also started to use assesment centres  for  competency based interviews. Most candidates expect to get feedback after passing through such a rigorous selection procedure . However, most employers do not realise the significance of their feedback and do not provide candidates with detailed comments on the results of any interviews, nor the assesment.

The most in demand professionals in the HR field are generalists who are ready to implement an HR function within the company single-handedly. Western companies are actively looking for HR directors both for their Russian head offices and their regional divisions. Not everyone could effectively work at a regional plant. Employers are interested in stress-resistant professionals who have experience in manufacturing or in startups and are ready to implement new ideas. When seeking an HR director for their head offices,  employers mainly prefer a flexible manager who works comfortably in a matrix organisation.

The most difficult task is still finding professionals in the field of HR who are ready to relocate. Marina Racheva, Manager with Antal Russia Recruitment Company, explains: "The majority of Russian experts in the field of HR management are hesitant about moving because of family or other circumstances. It is much easier to find a foreign candidate who is willing to change their place of residence for interesting career opportunities. . However, employers mostly want Russian experts. "

Candidates salary expectations have increased compared with last year.  This is particularly the case in  relocation projects where candidates must be  ready to move. Many of them believe that the level of their wage should increase as a result of the relocation, despite the fact that their duties and responsibilities remain the same.

“We can state that nowadays there is not enough balance between candidates expectations and what the employers can afford,” says Marina Racheva.

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