Комитет производителей автокомпонентов

Formed in 2000
Документы и пресс-релизы Меморандум комитета 2021
Position Paper 2021


Alexey Belyaev Faurecia

Заместитель(и) председателя

Andrey Kossov The Branch Office of Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Iosif Mamistvalov


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Цели и задачи
To promote the collective business interests of committee members by facilitating internal and external communication in order to improve the reality and perception of doing business in Russia
План действий
  • To continue to work towards more favourable conditions for Western components manufacturers investing in Russia 
  • To hold meetings with leading Russian and Western car and components manufacturers to coordinate mutual interests
Новости комитета
Moscow International Automotive Forum IMAF-2021
Prospects of Euro 6 Class Implementation in Russia and EAEU Countries
IMAF — 10th International Moscow Automotive Forum
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Документы и пресс-релизы

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