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The Association of European Businesses is pleased to invite you to the Presentation of the AEB Arbitration Court.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 26 January 2016, from 09:30 to 11:00 (registration starts at 09:00) at the AEB Conference Room.

The presentation will be held in English; Russian translation will be provided.


AEB Arbitration Court (AAC)

AAC acts as an independent permanent arbitration institution/court/tribunal operating on the basis of the New York Convention 58 as of June 10th, 1958 about the acceptance and enforceability/execution of the awards of foreign Arbitration Courts.

Almost all countries of the world signed this Convention and became its members, the RF as well.

All member states have set up their national provisions within their civil proceeding codes to implement the New York Convention into their national law systems.

International Arbitration Courts are extremely important for the international economy and law system with regard to multi- or bilateral legal disputes. Many countries do not have any bilateral legal assistance- and/or execution Agreement between each other. Because of that in many cases the awards/judgments of a state court of a country is not enforceable and executable in another country.

The awards of an international Arbitration Court like AAC are enforceable and executable in every member state.

Its scope and organizational principles are laid down in the Rules of AAC.

AEB Arbitration Court serves as a dispute resolution mechanism for both AEB member- and non-member companies willing to use the AEB Arbitration Court as an alternative to conventional litigation. It aims to provide a venue for resolution of commercial disputes of an international character.

In December 2015, the AEB Board approved the Rules of the AEB Arbitration Court, AEB Arbitration Court’s Presidium and the list of arbitrators for the AEB Arbitration Court. All arbitrators possess the appropriate competence, expertise and qualifications.   


Attendance fees

AEB members’ participation for assigned representatives is free of charge;

Price for additional representatives of AEB members is 3,850 RUR (+ 18 % VAT);

Price for representatives of non-member companies: 7,700 RUR (+ 18 % VAT).

Contact persons:

Programme: Irina Ochirova, Committees Coordinator, Irina.Ochirova@aebrus.ru Tel. (495) 27 64 ext. 115

Registration online: Tatiana Barysheva, AEB Events Coordinator, tel. (495) 234 27 64, ext. 127, Tatiana.Barysheva@aebrus.ru     

Login and password: Vera Solovaya, AEB Office Manager, tel. (495) 234 27 64, ext. 149, Vera.Solovaya@aebrus.ru

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