Споры с нерезидентами: в России с любовью?

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We are delighted to invite you to the conference organized by VEGAS LEX "Disputes Involving Non-Residents: To Russia With Love?" to discuss Russian and foreign litigation cases and barriers blocking access to justice. Speakers will cover RU, EU, UK and Swiss matters.

The event will be held on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 11:00, in offline format at the AEB Conference Center (office 13, floor 1, bld.1, 68/70 Butyrsky Val Str., Moscow).
Due to large–scale international sanctions and the so-called "cancel culture", international dispute resolution is one of the most pressing issues on the agenda for companies operating in Russia. Since February 2022, the approaches of Russian and foreign courts have been changing rapidly. VEGAS LEX invites you to discuss current situation and analyze upcoming trends.

Please use below link to register for the event.


Interim Measures: Stay (Away)

- In which cases interim measures are necessary or excessive?

- Overview of commercial courts' approaches in 2022. The most interesting conclusions

- Interim measures in the UK. New barriers blocking access to justice

Sanctions-Related Disputes

- Exclusive jurisdiction of Russian commercial courts in 2022: simple solution vs effective one?

- Sanctions disputes: a view from the European Union

- Optimal contractual terms on dispute resolution. Personal experience and market practice

Recognition and Enforcement of Judicial and Arbitral Awards

- The position of Russian commercial courts – what has changed?

- Recognition and enforcement of Russian court decision and arbitral awards: specifics in Switzerland. The impact of sanctions on the provision of services to Russian clients

The working language of the event is Russian. The event will be held offline at the AEB Conference Center.

For further details, please find below the agenda in Russian and English.

Contact person:

Meriam Motorina, tel. +7 (964) 513 53 01, email: motorina@vegaslex.ru
Конференц-центр АЕБ, г. Москва, ул. Бутырский вал, 68/70, стр.1, этаж 1, офис 13


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