"Cloud Services Russia 2016 – Infrastructure, Platform, Services"

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COMNEWS Group invites you and your colleagues to take part in the 3rd International Conference “Cloud Services Russia 2016 – Infrastructure, Platform, Services.”

Date and venue: 8 June 2016, Moscow Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat (39 New Arbat Street, Moscow)

Cloud Services Russia 2016 is the biggest event dedicated to the development of cloud technologies in Russia. The topic is extremely relevant due to the rapid growth of cloud technologies and their applications. Cloud services are the fastest-growing ICT sector. In 2015, the global cloud services market grew by 17%, reaching $175 billion, and its growth in 2016 is expected to be 16.5%. The Russian cloud market grew by 25% – to 16.5 billion rubles – in 2015, and it will double in size by 2018 and reach 32 billion rubles. However, corporate clients and carriers still have many unanswered questions, for example, how to choose the right cloud service with maximum value for business; how to combine private and public clouds; how safe cloud information storage is; how cloud services are regulated by the Russian laws; how the successful examples of implementing cloud technologies look like, etc. These and other burning issues will be resolved at the upcoming conference Cloud Services Russia 2016.

Key topics of Cloud Services Russia 2016:

· Cloud market growth drivers in Russia’s new economic and political conditions : projections and analytics for 2016

· Merging telecom market and service provider market

· Operators’ services transformation. Shifting to a product model.

· Partner channel transformation

· Cloud services distribution

· Cloud services promotion and sales tools

· Solutions for building cloud platforms

· Big data as a tool to optimize business processes

· Cloud services security: information security strategies

· Innovative features of cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and also DaaS, PraaS, CaaS, XaaS*)

· How customers perceive cloud services

· How cloud services influence company’s traditional business processes

· How should a hybrid cloud model be built for maximum internal automation?

· How to transform one’s own IT infrastructure?

· Transforming IT department’s organisational structure

· Modern IT infrastructure management and control systems

· Technologies and strategies of big data monetization

Apart from speakers’ presentations, the conference will offer a discussion where the delegates will be able to express their opinion and put their questions to renowned experts.

Topics to be discussed:

· Are Russian clients ready to use the global cloud?

· Is a global company ready to work with the national market?

· Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud. What strategy should CIOs choose?

· How to build an effective hybrid cloud?

· How to acquire new quality through external clouds? How can the team be preserved or transformed in the process?

· How to make profit in a changing market? How to catch the wave? What to start with? What opportunities are already open?

Cloud Services Russia 2016 will be open to:

· government authorities;

· key developers;

· data center and DCN operators;

· hosting providers;

· CIOs of companies from different market sectors;

· system integrators;

· carriers;

· outsourcing companies supporting virtualization projects;

· telecommunications equipment manufacturers;

· industry-specialized media

In the evening, there will be a grand awards ceremony for the winners of the 8th Annual contest 10 Best IT Projects for Public Sector.

Please, refer to the official website for more details: http://www.comnews-conferences.ru/ru/conference/cloud2016


Nadezhda Shikunova,
Producer of COMNEWS Conferences,