The 2nd Congress of Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions

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It is a great pleasure to announce The 2nd Congress of Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions taking place on 28–29 March 2017 in Moscow.

EAEU is the Eurasian Economic Union: Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The EWEEES is the efficient key-platform for opportunities, solutions and challenges in the EAEU; for maintaining and developing the important economic contacts with the authorities, producers, recyclers, scientists, associations, NGO’s and media.

The year of 2017 is the Year of Ecology in Russia and implement a great opportunity to a major step in favour of the environment. The fastest growing part of the municipal solid waste stream contains old electrical and electronic goods and has valuable waste (gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron) and toxic heavy metals. In 2017, in Russia will start the Extended Producer Responsibility for electrical and electronic scrap. The producers and importers must take their responsibilities on their products; collect and process them in line with the Circular Economy and Legislation.

The EAEU is a new and fast growing recycling market and generates about *1,500,000 t of WEEE per year with a value over EUR 400,000,000 per year (*acc. to the StEP-Initiative analysis of 2015). The main topics are:
  • Implementation of the Eco Fee;
  • WEEE situation in the EAEU;
  • legislation and standards;
  • Best Available Technologies for recycling;
  • PCB recycling and collecting;
  • win valuables and build up the market for recycled material.

All market participants are having the chance for new opportunities and challenges.