Петербургский международный юридический форум-2017

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Информация о мероприятии

The Association of European Businesses (AEB) is pleased to announce that the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will take place on 16-20 May, 2017.

For registration please fill in the application on the official website http://www.spblegalforum.com.

Each year the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum brings together ministers of justice, chairpersons of constitutional courts, secretary generals of international organisations, heads of leading legal firms, chief legal officers of major companies, representatives of state regulators, international organisations and legal schools from over 80 countries.

The VII Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum offers its delegates an opportunity to identify models for solving most complicated legal issues and share best practices for establishment of a favorable business environment and development of responsible entrepreneurship. The Forum Business programme includes a Plenary session, presentations, conferences and discussion sessions organized in the following nine areas:

International Law. Rule of Law

Legal Profession

Smart Society

Investments. Finance

Antimonopoly Regulation

Litigation and Arbitration Practice

Industry. Resources. Environment

Cultural Heritage

Private Law

First International Insolvency Forum will be held in the context of the SPBILF. The topics to be discussed include personal insolvency, cross-border bankruptcy, employees' rights in bankruptcy, debt collection, financial institutions bankruptcy, social issues in bankruptcy, issues of concern to insolvency practitioners and others.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum!

This year we offer a Special price on SPBILF 2017 Delegate Package for businesses, with the exception of consulting services firms (for this category of AEB members there is a special promocode — please contact the organisers for details).

Non-personalised Certificates for Participation in SPBILF are now available! A company may purchase any number of certificates for its employees. No need to finalize certificate holders’ names until right before the event.

The conditions of participation, registration form and additional information are available on the Forum’s official website http://www.spblegalforum.com/.

Reference data:

The SPBILF, hosted by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, has been held annually since 2011. Support for SPBILF comes from the President of the Russian Federation.

The Forum’s primary mission is to promote ideas related to modernizing the law amidst the global changes.

As preparation gains momentum for the VII SPBILF, we have put a series of conferences in the pipeline to address a number of issues of urgent concern for legal services professionals and for the business community. The agenda addressed by the conferences, and the outputs of the debates will lay down a solid foundation, on which the planners will build as they design roundtables for the Forum’s executive programme in 2017.

In 2016 more than 3 700 participants from 77 countries including 71 official delegations attended 70 business events of the Forum.

The Business Programme of SPBILF 2016 featured over 70 roundtables, conferences and general debates. The Forum took place amid the magnificent historic interiors of the General Staff Building in Palace Square, right in the heart of St. Petersburg.

A special live feed made it possible to follow the events of the Forum anywhere in the world. More than 77,000 online viewers in 58 countries joined the SPBILF physical participants in 2016.

The Forum provided a platform for presenting LF Academy educational project – a resource created under the auspices of the SPBILF for professionals who value their time and are interested in acquiring a unique insight while continuing their current work.

2016’s new project is Legal Forum Live, a series of live on-line broadcasts of a number of Forum’s sessions in more than 30 cities in Russia and CIS.



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