Комитет производителей средств защиты растений

Formed in 2003
Position Paper 2020


Johannes Bestman ADAMA RUS LLC

Заместитель(и) председателя

Pavel Zibarev FMC, An Agricultural Sciences Company


Tatiana Belousovich


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Цели и задачи
  • To promote innovative technologies and high quality Crop Protection products on the Russian pesticide market;

  • To provide Committee members with updated information on the key issues concerning the industry development and prospects;

  • To create a platform for the CPC members to discuss key issues;

  • To elaborate a joint Committee position to present it to authorities and the Crop Protection industry;

  • To develop permanent and regular relations with governmental and regulatory authorities on key issues within the Crop Protection industry;

  • To form an efficient cooperation with the appropriate professional associations and unions on the basis of common interests.

Priority areas of activity are based on the constructive interaction with authorities, professional associations and unions and focused on:

  • -optimisation of the process of CPP state registration;
  • -creation of conditions for data protection within the CPP state registration process;
  • -provision for effective measures on anti-counterfeiting activity;
  • -setting up the necessary basis for the container management scheme in Russia;
  • -regularly follow up and update on the information regarding Customs Union issues;
  • -close collaboration with the ECPA and other European bodies.

План действий
  • Monitoring and updating information concerning the Crop Protection industry;

  • Elaborating and introducing coordinated changes into law drafts;

  • Conducting regular Committee and its working group meetings to define and correct strategic and tactical schemes, long-term and short-term planning, analyzing the results of activity etc.

  • Negotiating with the appropriate professional associations and unions to elaborate joint strategy on the common issues;

  • Organizing official meetings with authority representatives on key issues of the industry development to state the joint Committee position;

  • Organizing public events permissive to influence upon the process of decision - making in the Crop Protection industry

  • Efficient positioning the Committee activity in mass – media
Новости комитета
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the AEB Agribusiness and Crop Protection Committees meeting with Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.


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