Council of National Representation

CNR Competences

The Council of National Representation acts as the advisory and consultative body only with respect to decisions made by the Annual General Meeting or requests of opinion of the Board or Chief Executive Officer.

  • The Council of National Representation gives consultations to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer concerning all AEB activities according to the Charter 
  • The Council of National Representation shall be subordinated and shall report to the Annual General Meeting and the Board on all important questions concerning its activities. 
  • The Council of National Representation shall possess the competence as to the following matters: 
    — provisions of consultations and opinions to the Annual General Meeting, Board and Chief  Executive Officer regarding the business and investment climate related to European businesses in the Russian Federation;
    — submission of recommendations, opinions and proposals on all matters connected with AEB activities to the Annual General Meeting, Board and Chief Executive Officer, including AEB general strategy and policy;
    — adoption of internal procedures of the Council of National Representation.

Chairman of the CNR
Lodewijk Schlingemann

(Netherlands) Juralink Legal Consultancy
Deputy Chairperson
Aage V. Nielsen

(Denmark) Vitus Bering Management
Fredrik Svensson

(Sweden) Mannheimer Swartling

  • AUSTRIA — Rudolf Lukavsky. Austrian Trade Commissioner;
  • BELGIUM — Marc Dellaert. Center for Creative Leadership; 
  • BULGARIA — Zeynel Boba. Midatech Company Limited;
  • CROATIA — Jakov Despot. Croatian Chamber of Economy, Representation to Russia;
  • CZECH REPUBLIC — Daniel Růžička. Mikenopa;
  • DENMARK — Aage V. Nielsen. Vitus Bering Management – Deputy Chairperson;
  • ESTONIA — Enn Veskimägi. Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI);
  • FINLAND — Jari Jumpponen. East Office of Finnish industries;
  • FRANCE — David Lasfargue. Jeantet;
  • GERMANY — Matthias Schepp. German-Russian Chamber of Commerce (AHK);
  • HUNGARY — Tamas Endrenyi. EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC in Russia;
  • ICELAND — Ingolfur Skulason. Kleros LLC;
  • ITALY — Fabrizio Cepollina. CNH Industrial Russia;
  • LATVIA — Aigars Rostovskis. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • LUXEMBOURG — Alexander Sokolov. Arendt & Medernach;
  • MALTA — Patrick Catania. Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg;
  • NETHERLANDS — Lodewijk Schlingemann. Juralink Legal Consultancy – Chairman;
  • NORWAY — Svein Aage Dahl Olsen. Kvaerner;
  • POLAND — Wiktor Antonow. Foreign Trade office in Moscow, Polish Agency of Trade & Investmentspe LLC;
  • PORTUGAL — Jorge Azevedo Sousa. Rusgrape LLC;
  • SERBIA — Dejan Delic. Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia in the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • SLOVAKIA — Jaroslav Koribsky. ACS;
  • SLOVENIA — David Kokalj. Medico Vital;
  • SPAIN — Guillermo Morodo. Morodo & Partners;
  • SWEDEN — Fredrik Svensson. Mannheimer Swartling – Deputy Chairperson;
  • SWITZERLAND — Martial Rollann. Nestle Russia & Eurasia;
  • UNITED KINGDOM — Roger Munnings. Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC).