Association of European Businesses


The Association of European Businesses is the main representative body of foreign investors in Russia. Founded in 1995, the AEB is an independent non-profit organisation of over 380 European and Russian companies. The AEB members are multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. They all share a commitment to boosting cooperation between the EU and Russia, as well as the desire to improve the investment climate of the Russian Federation.

The AEB includes 60 committees, subcommittees and working groups that are engaged in lobbying on a wide range of issues in various business areas including energy, transport and customs, agriculture, air travel, passenger cars and commercial vehicles production, legislation, taxation, banking, real estate, crop protection products and many others. These committees work closely with the European and Russian authorities, and provide comments and suggested changes to the draft laws of the Russian Federation.

AEB Mission

Identifying the principal business and legislative issues through the AEB committees and working groups;

Addressing the issues raised by AEB members, both to the relevant European Union authorities and to Russia’s business and political leaders;

Existing as an independent organisation, whose position is recognised at the highest levels within the European and Russian authorities.

The AEB provides information support for its members through its website, social networks, printed publications, open events, and distributes reviews and releases about the current events in the legal and business fields.

You can learn more about AEB General Assembly, Board, Council of National Representation, Auditing Commission and AEB Office staff

On the basis of the RF Federal Law No. 426-FL "On the special assessment of working conditions," order No.33n of the Ministry of Labour of Russia dated 01/24/2014 "On the approval of the working conditions special assessment methodology, the classification of harmful and/or hazardous workplace factors, the working conditions special assessment reporting form and completion instructions" the Association of European Businesses conducted a special assessment of working conditions at: Bldg.1, 68/70 Butyrsky val, Moscow, 127055, Russia. According to the results of the assessment, no harmful and/or dangerous workplace factors were identified. 

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