AEB General Assembly

Competence of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme body of the AEB.

The following issues shall be placed under the competence of the GA

  • The amendment and the approval of the Charter of the AEB
  • The determination of the overall strategy and Policies of the AEB, the directions of the activity of the AEB and the priority of these activities
  • The determination of the principles of the formation and use of the property and assets of the AEB
  • The formation of the CNR, EB, and Audit Commission, and the termination of their powers ahead of term
  • The election of the CEO, and the termination of his / her powers ahead of term
  • The reorganisation and liquidation of the AEB
  • The approval of the annual report and the annual accounting balance sheet and profit-and-loss account of the AEB
  • The approval of the financial plan of the AEB and of its amendment
  • The participation in other organisations
  • The approval of Membership fees and their categories
  • The adoption of internal rules of the GA

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