Committee Coordinators

Lomidze Svetlana
External Relations Director; Energy, IT-Telecom, Machine Building & Engineering; Energy Efficiency Committee Coordinator

Belousovich Tatiana
GR Director, Crop Protection, Seeds Committees

Gospodinova Julia
Automobile Manufacturers Committee’s Specialist

Krasnoshapko Ekaterina
Personal assistant to GR Manager, Crop Protection and Seeds

Kuznetsov Evgeniy
Coordinator: Food Processing, Tobacco Products WG, Non-food FMCG WG, Regional activities

Makhmudova Saida
Coordinator: Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee; Retail Trade; Real Estate; WG Heating Systems Manufacturers;

Morozova Tatiana
Coordinator: PR- and Communications, Small & Medium Enterprises, WG on modernization & innovations; Coatings WG;

Nakhushev Asker
Coordinator: Construction Equipment, Agribusiness, Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Components, Tire Producers WG

Oganesian Alla
North-Western Regional Committee Coordinator

Perederiy Juliana
South Regional Comittee Coordinator

Silnitskaya Olga
Coordinator: Health and Pharmaceuticals; SHES; Home Appliances

Solovieva (Bortnik) Ksenya
Сoordinator: Migration; Transport & Customs; Hotels and Tourism; Aviation;

Nechaeva Svetlana
Coordinator: Intellectual Property; Compliance & Ethics; Human Resources; Working group on Labelling and Track & Trace System

Zueva Olga
Coordinator: Automobile Manufacturers Committee