Committee Coordinators

Lomidze Svetlana
External Relations Director; Energy, IT-Telecom, Machine Building & Engineering; Energy Efficiency Committee Coordinator

Belousovich Tatiana
GR Director, Crop Protection, Seeds Committees

Gospodinova Julia
Automobile Manufacturers Committee’s Specialist

Kirichinskaya Olga
Coordinator: Taxation, Product Conformity Assessment, WG on Regulation of Chemical Products.

Krasnoshapko Ekaterina
Personal assistant to GR Manager, Crop Protection and Seeds

Kuznetsov Evgeniy
Coordinator: Food Processing, Tobacco Products WG, Non-food FMCG WG, Regional activities

Kuznetsova Elena
Coordinator: Health and Pharmaceuticals; SHES; Home Appliances Manufacturers

Listrovaya Tatiana
Coordinator: Banking, Insurance & Pensions, FIC.

Makhmudova Saida
Coordinator: Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee; Retail Trade; Real Estate; WG Heating Systems Manufacturers;

Morozova Tatiana
Coordinator: PR- and Communications, Small & Medium Enterprises, WG on modernization & innovations; Coatings WG;

Nakhushev Asker
Coordinator: Construction Equipment, Agribusiness, Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Components, Tire Producers WG

Nechaeva Svetlana
Coordinator: Intellectual Property; Legal; Compliance & Ethics; Human Resources; Working group on Labelling and Track & Trace System

Oganesian Alla
North-Western Regional Committee Coordinator

Perederiy Juliana
South Regional Comittee Coordinator

Solovieva (Bortnik) Ksenya
Сoordinator: Migration; Transport & Customs; Hotels and Tourism; Aviation;

Zueva Olga
Coordinator: Automobile Manufacturers Committee